- Lisa + Janny -
Lisa and Jonny, along with their pup Beck, said “I do” against a backdrop of the gorgeous Mississippi River and its sweeping views. 
This couples Unique First Date:
A week after meeting each other at an “American Party” in England, Jonny and Lisa traveled to Berlin, Germany for their first date. Here is how it went, in the couples words:
“The following week [after the Friendsgiving party] Lisa was heading to Berlin to see if Germans were really as efficient as everyone says they are. Having heard that Jonny was fluent in several German words, she decided to invite him along to act as translator. Jonny said “Oui” and off they went. Day1 began with a trip to Berlin Zoo. Lisa spent her time taming the wolves, playing tug of war with sticks at the fence line. This was partly for entertainment, and partly  to send a thinly veiled threat to Jonny, should he step out of line. Later, Jonny was pursuing a leaflet as he straddled a brass hippopotamus, when he found a nice spot for dinner. This led to them spending their “first date” atop the slowly revolving Berlin TV Tower as the sun set, taking in the skyline from 200 meters up. This, combined with the frankly magical Christmas markets, made for na unforgettable star to the relationship. “

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